Ode to Spelt Pasta

The subject „Endometriosis and Nutrition” rather fills an evening conversation than a stomach. If reading what you should not eat to prevent the pain you automatically develop chronic starving. Generally I am not the disciplined type when it comes to food. But my despair on the pain made me endure an experiment: I did not eat wheat for two years, and it helped. I need to mention that the results of a diet in Endometriosis patients are very individual. Some women are much more disciplined, avoid wheat, sugar, caffeine but do not feel any pain alleviation.

The Croissant-Cold Turkey

The first two weeks without wheat were hell - I developed symptoms that Dr. Google announced as withdrawal symptoms: headache, tachycardia, listlessness. I did not even manage to go straight by bike for 10 minutes.

But then things started to go uphill again and the positive effects came up: My pain, which meanwhile had become a persevering permanent guest, actually went back – it felt like around 80 percent. After six weeks, I got weak - and ate a bagel! - Half an hour later, I got the bill ... Since then I didn`t picked wheat for a long time!

The Pizza-Crisis

If you do without wheat, you will first notice how much wheat you had consumed before. Everything seems to consist OF wheat or is at least produced WITH wheat - even rye bread … Thank God more and more bakeries offer pure rye or spelt bread.

But it is still hard at an Italian restaurant: Pizza, Pasta, Panic: What the hell should I eat? Meanwhile I prefer the Asian Cuisine - Endometriosis does not only shift organs but habits, too…

Wheat Free Christmas

It could have cried on Christmas. Trapped between Stollen and Apple Strudel that I was not allowed to touch I just know: From now on I am a really bad guest for the afternoon tea. What have saved me: spelt flour! It reopened the doors to the world of cakes and pasta for me.
Replacing wheat with spelt worked for me regarding the pain. What it could not prevent is the lesions from growing…

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